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Bali Inns Where to Enjoy Cheap, Festive Lodging on the Island of Bali

6 Apr 2023

Bali Inn – If you are looking for cheap accommodation on the island of Bali. Then the inn is the right choice.

Simple accommodations, usually run by families or individuals, that offer clean bedrooms with basic amenities. 

Even though it’s cheap, inns in Bali still offer a unique and authentic stay experience.

This article will discuss more about inns in Bali. Including the best places to stay, and things to look out for before choosing an inn.

What is an Inn?

Simple inns usually found in tourist areas.

Inns are managed by families or individuals who provide clean bedrooms. As well as basic amenities such as a bed, fan, and bathroom. 

Inns are usually cheaper than hotels or villas. So it is suitable for tourists who want to save money.

Despite their simplicity, inns offer an authentic and unique stay.

You can feel the warmth and friendliness of the inn owner. Usually they will also provide tips and advice, about tourist attractions and culinary delights around the inn area.

Advantages of Inns in Bali

Inns in Bali have advantages, which make them the choice of tourists. Some of the advantages of inns in Bali include:

  • An affordable price

Inn prices in Bali are cheaper than hotels or villas. So it is suitable for tourists who want to save money.

Even though it’s cheap, inns in Bali still offer basic, adequate facilities and a unique stay experience.

  • The atmosphere is relaxed and calm

Inns usually have a relaxed and calm atmosphere. Due to the limited number of rooms. 

You can feel serenity and comfort during your stay at the inn.

  • Friendliness of the inn owner

Inn owners are usually very friendly and warm towards guests who stay overnight. They will provide tips and advice on tourist attractions and culinary delights around the inn area.

  • Strategic location

Inns are usually located in strategic tourist areas and easy to reach. Some inns are even near the beach. 

So you can enjoy the beautiful beach view.

The Best Places to Stay in Bali Inns

Bali has many inns scattered in various tourist areas. 

Here are some of the best places to stay in an inn in Bali.

  • Kuta

Kuta is one of the most popular tourist areas in Bali.

Has many inns located around the beach. You can enjoy beautiful beach views, and a bustling night atmosphere around the inn area in Kuta

  • Ubud

Ubud tourism is famous for its natural beauty. 

There are many inns scattered around Ubud, which offer stunning views of nature. 

Inns in Ubud are also usually quieter and suitable for tourists who want to enjoy peace.

  • Seminyak

Seminyak is known for its trendy bars and restaurants. Inns in Seminyak usually have more modern amenities, and are close to a variety of dining and nightlife options.

  • Canggu

Canggu is famous for its beaches and surfing. Inns in Canggu are usually located close to the beach, and have beautiful views.

Things to Look For Before Choosing an Inn in Bali

Although the inn is a cheap lodging option. 

There are several things that need to be considered before choosing an inn in Bali.

Some things to note include:

  • Facility

Make sure the inn you choose has adequate facilities. Such as comfortable beds, fans, and clean bathrooms.

  • Location

Choose an inn that has a strategic location, and is close to tourist attractions.

Also make sure the location of the inn is easy to reach and safe.

  • Reviews from Previous Guests

Before choosing a hostel, make sure you read the reviews from previous guests. Reviews from previous guests can provide an overview of the conditions of the inn and the services provided.

  • Friendliness of Inn Owners

Friendly and warm inn owners can make your stay more enjoyable. 

Make sure the inn owner can also provide tips and suggestions about tourist attractions and culinary delights around the inn area.

So..if you want a cheap place to stay overnight. But you are sure to get something that is very memorable. You can choose to stay at the inn.

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Hope this helps you and happy traveling!

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