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Why did Indonesia Fail to Host The U-20 World Cup?

31 Mar 2023
Fir Hia

Hello friends, football lovers around the world, especially in Indonesia. FIFA’s decision to cancel Indonesia as the host of the U-20 World Cup has recently surprised us all. Surely you are wondering who FIFA can cancel this? And what caused him to cancel it, why? It is good to know first the meaning of FIFA and its relation to the U-20 World Cup. Read more!

FIFA at the U-20 World Cup

However, Fédération Internationale de Football Association or FIFA for brief, is the worldwide overseeing body for football. Founded in 1904 and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

This organization is mindful for directing and controlling the wear of soccer around the world. Counting organizing universal competitions one of which is the U-20 World Container, building up the rules and directions for the wear. Oversee player exchanges between clubs, and bargain with issues related to football organization, such as refereeing and doping control.

One of FIFA’s most striking obligations is organizing the FIFA World Glass. Furthermore, every 4 years, the world holds the most prestigious soccer competition. And the organizers include the U-20 World Cup, which they hold every 2 years.

The U-20 World Cup

The U-20 World Glass, too known as the FIFA U-20 World Glass, is an worldwide soccer competition. For players beneath the age of 20. In addition, the competition is organized by FIFA and takes put each 2 a long time. With groups from around the world competing for the championship title.

The competition highlights 24 groups and is separated into six bunches, each with four groups. The best two groups from each gather progress to the knockout arrange. Which incorporates the circular of 16, quarterfinals, elimination rounds, and last. The competition keeps going for three weeks, and the have nation is chosen by FIFA.

Since 1977, FIFA has been holding the U-20 World Cup, and Argentina was the winner of the first competition. Moreover, the most successful team in the tournament’s history is Brazil, who have won the competition a record 5 times. Other winners include Germany, Spain, Portugal, and France.

The comes about of this prestigious competition give a stage for youthful players. To showcase their gifts on the worldwide arrange. It is an imperative occasion within the improvement of youthful soccer players. And gives an opportunity for fans to witness future soccer stars and see the another era of ability in activity.

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Well, now you have information about FIFA and its relation to the U-20 World Cup. Now, football lovers, especially in Indonesia, are surely curious about the reasons for Indonesia’s cancellation as the host of this international competition. Here is the explanation.

World Cup Host Cancellation

1. Failure to meet technical requirements

To guarantee the victory of the competition, FIFA requires the have nation to meet strict technical requirements, which incorporate having satisfactory stadiums, transportation, convenience, and other framework. In addition in the event that the have nation is incapable to meet these necessities, FIFA may choose to cancel its facilitating rights.

2. Security issue

The Fédération Internationale de Football Affiliation is exceptionally genuine almost security, particularly driving up to the U-20 World Cup. It’ll cancel a country’s facilitating rights in the event that there are critical security concerns, which may incorporate political insecurity, gracious turmoil, or fear based oppressor dangers.

3. Corruption or ethical violations

In terms of degenerate hones or moral breaches, FIFA incorporates a zero-tolerance arrangement for debasement and moral breaches. And will cancel a country’s facilitating rights if there’s prove of a breach. This is often the case for the 2022 World Container, which was at first granted to Qatar but is facing scrutiny over alleged corruption.

4. Force majeure

In rare cases, FIFA may cancel a country’s hosting rights due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. Like a natural disaster or an epidemic.


From the information above, we can conclude that FIFA canceled Indonesia as the host for the U-20 World Cup. Information circulating that there are several elements that reject the arrival of the Israeli national team to Indonesia. To compete in this Tournament. Thus causing security instability in Indonesia. Security issues are one of the reasons why Indonesia failed to host the Under 20 World Cup. On the other hand Israeli football players reportedly passed the preliminary round for the U-20 World Cup. And the right to take part in the competition.

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