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The Nice Funtastic Park: Vacation in Cianjur Peak, West Java

19 Apr 2023
Fir Hia

Looking for a fun and exciting family vacation spot in Puncak Cianjur? Don’t hesitate to visit The Nice Funtastic Park! The beautiful funtastic Puncak Cianjur Park is quickly becoming one of the top tourist attractions. Known for its characteristic windmills, natural landscapes, delicious snacks, play equipment and various animals.

Enjoy Stunning Natural Views

This park (The Nice Funtastic Park) is an ideal recreational area catering to families, friends and couples seeking relaxation together. Visitors can enjoy many attractions in it, such as stunning mountain views and unforgettable sunset views. In addition, this park also has a restaurant that offers delicious Sundanese food.

Entertainment for All (The Nice Funtastic Park)

In this park, many things can be enjoyed by visitors while visiting. For example, crossing the sky bridge, gliding over the sky bridge (flying fox), swing arena and hanging steps. As well as playing e-bikes, visiting the mini zoo and enjoying delicious Sundanese specialties at The Nice Funtastic Park restaurant. Besides that, there is also a food court where you relax while resting. After walking around enjoying everything that is here.

In addition, this park offers a variety of entertainment and activities, such as animal feeding, playground and Slide arena (children’s playground). There are also various interesting Photo Spots with panoramic views of extraordinary natural beauty. Thus making it the right choice for families with children.

Information of The Nice Funtastic Park

The Nice Funtastic Park is located in Ciwalen Village, Sukaresmi District, Cianjur Regency, West Java – Indonesia. On the other hand This park has ticket prices and rides that vary, depending on the schedule and the rides you enjoy. Here are the details:

1. The Nice Funtastic Park Entrance Ticket

The ticket prices are according to the schedule as follows:

  • Weekday : Monday-Friday (09:00 AM – 05:00 PM), Ticket Prices: IDR. 30.000,-
  • Weekend : Saturday-Sunday (08:00 AM – 05:45 PM), Ticket Prices : IDR. 35.000,-
  • National Holidays: (08:00 AM – 05:45 PM), Ticket Prices: Adjust the prices above according to National Holidays.

2. Rides Tickets

The details of the rides and ticket prices are as follows:

No. Rides Ticket Prices
1.Feed each animal
(Sheep / Rabbit / Pony).
IDR. 10.000,-
2.Playground (play to your heart’s content).
NB : On the other hand, there are also several free
playgrounds that have been provided.
IDR. 20.000,-
3.Horse Ride 1 Round The Nice Funtastic ParkIDR. 20.000,-
4.Try each ride
(@Swing Arena / @Hanging Steps / @Flying Fox)
IDR. 30.000,-
5.Sky Bridge (through as much)IDR. 40.000,-
6.Rent an E-Bike with a calculation of 1.5 Hours/RentIDR. 50.000,-
We all need to know that ticket prices may change one day, depending on the situation and conditions. In addition, terms and conditions apply you can visit our site to get the latest and updated information in this place.

Especially during holidays, to avoid long and long queues, it is recommended to arrive early. At least 30-60 minutes before the counter opens. In addition, even though the government has announced the success of handling Covid-19 and relaxation of the Covid-19 protocol. However, it is highly hoped that visitors who will come will be in good health and have been vaccinated. One of them is by showing proof of a vaccine certificate that has been registered with PeduliLindungi.

Create Unforgettable Memories

The Nice Funtastic Park also offers an ideal place for recreation and relaxation for families and friends. Especially those who want to enjoy time together. With a beautiful atmosphere and a variety of interesting attractions. This park is the perfect place to spend time with loved ones.

In addition, visitors can also enjoy various activities in this park, or visit a beautiful flower garden. This park offers an unforgettable experience for visitors who want to explore nature.

So, if you are looking for a place to spend time with your family and friends in Cianjur. The Nice Funtastic Park is the perfect choice, with a wide variety of exciting attractions and activities. As well as an easy-to-reach location, this park is a place not to be missed.

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